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Packaging Klipper

Klipper is somewhat of a packaging anomaly among python programs, as it doesn't use setuptools to build and install. Some notes regarding how best to package it are as follows:

C modules

Klipper uses a C module to handle some kinematics calculations more quickly. This module needs to be compiled at packaging time to avoid introducing a runtime dependency on a compiler. To compile the C module, run python2 klippy/chelper/

Compiling python code

Many distributions have a policy of compiling all python code before packaging to improve startup time. You can do this by running python2 -m compileall klippy.


If you are building a package of Klipper from git, it is usual practice not to ship a .git directory, so the versioning must be handled without git. To do this, use the script shipped in scripts/ which should be run as follows: python2 scripts/ YOURDISTRONAME > klippy/.version.

Sample packaging script

klipper-git is packaged for Arch Linux, and has a PKGBUILD (package build script) available at Arch User Repository.

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