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Configuration Changes

This document covers recent software changes to the config file that are not backwards compatible. It is a good idea to review this document when upgrading the Klipper software.

All dates in this document are approximate.


20240415: The on_error_gcode parameter in the [virtual_sdcard] config section now has a default. If this parameter is not specified it now defaults to TURN_OFF_HEATERS. If the previous behavior is desired (take no default action on an error during a virtual_sdcard print) then define on_error_gcode with an empty value.

20240313: The max_accel_to_decel parameter in the [printer] config section has been deprecated. The ACCEL_TO_DECEL parameter of the SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT command has been deprecated. The printer.toolhead.max_accel_to_decel status has been removed. Use the minimum_cruise_ratio parameter instead. The deprecated features will be removed in the near future, and using them in the interim may result in subtly different behavior.

20240215: Several deprecated features have been removed. Using "NTC 100K beta 3950" as a thermistor name has been removed (deprecated on 20211110). The SYNC_STEPPER_TO_EXTRUDER and SET_EXTRUDER_STEP_DISTANCE commands have been removed, and the extruder shared_heater config option has been removed (deprecated on 20220210). The bed_mesh relative_reference_index option has been removed (deprecated on 20230619).

20240123: The output_pin SET_PIN CYCLE_TIME parameter has been removed. Use the new pwm_cycle_time module if it is necessary to dynamically change a pwm pin's cycle time.

20240123: The output_pin maximum_mcu_duration parameter is deprecated. Use a pwm_tool config section instead. The option will be removed in the near future.

20240123: The output_pin static_value parameter is deprecated. Replace with value and shutdown_value parameters. The option will be removed in the near future.

20231216: The [hall_filament_width_sensor] is changed to trigger filament runout when the thickness of the filament exceeds max_diameter. The maximum diameter defaults to default_nominal_filament_diameter + max_difference. See [hall_filament_width_sensor] configuration reference for more details.

20231207: Several undocumented config parameters in the [printer] config section have been removed (the buffer_time_low, buffer_time_high, buffer_time_start, and move_flush_time parameters).

20231110: Klipper v0.12.0 released.

20230826: If safe_distance is set or calculated to be 0 in [dual_carriage], the carriages proximity checks will be disabled as per documentation. A user may wish to configure safe_distance explicitly to prevent accidental crashes of the carriages with each other. Additionally, the homing order of the primary and the dual carriage is changed in some configurations (certain configurations when both carriages home in the same direction, see [dual_carriage] configuration reference for more details).

20230810: The script now supports both variants of the Bigtreetech SKR-3, STM32H743 and STM32H723. For this, the original tag of btt-skr-3 now has changed to be either btt-skr-3-h743 or btt-skr-3-h723.

20230729: The exported status for dual_carriage is changed. Instead of exporting mode and active_carriage, the individual modes for each carriage are exported as printer.dual_carriage.carriage_0 and printer.dual_carriage.carriage_1.

20230619: The relative_reference_index option has been deprecated and superceded by the zero_reference_position option. Refer to the Bed Mesh Documentation for details on how to update the configuration. With this deprecation the RELATIVE_REFERENCE_INDEX is no longer available as a parameter for the BED_MESH_CALIBRATE gcode command.

20230530: The default canbus frequency in "make menuconfig" is now 1000000. If using canbus and using canbus with some other frequency is required, then be sure to select "Enable extra low-level configuration options" and specify the desired "CAN bus speed" in "make menuconfig" when compiling and flashing the micro-controller.

20230525: SHAPER_CALIBRATE command immediately applies input shaper parameters if [input_shaper] was enabled already.

20230407: The stalled_bytes counter in the log and in the printer.mcu.last_stats field has been renamed to upcoming_bytes.

20230323: On tmc5160 drivers multistep_filt is now enabled by default. Set driver_MULTISTEP_FILT: False in the tmc5160 config for the previous behavior.

20230304: The SET_TMC_CURRENT command now properly adjusts the globalscaler register for drivers that have it. This removes a limitation where on tmc5160, the currents could not be raised higher with SET_TMC_CURRENT than the run_current value set in the config file. However, this has a side effect: After running SET_TMC_CURRENT, the stepper must be held at standstill for >130ms in case StealthChop2 is used so that the AT#1 calibration gets executed by the driver.

20230202: The format of the printer.screws_tilt_adjust status information has changed. The information is now stored as a dictionary of screws with the resulting measurements. See the status reference for details.

20230201: The [bed_mesh] module no longer loads the default profile on startup. It is recommended that users who use the default profile add BED_MESH_PROFILE LOAD=default to their START_PRINT macro (or to their slicer's "Start G-Code" configuration when applicable).

20230103: It is now possible with the script to flash both variants of the Bigtreetech SKR-2, STM32F407 and STM32F429. This means that the original tag of btt-skr2 now has changed to either btt-skr-2-f407 or btt-skr-2-f429.

20221128: Klipper v0.11.0 released.

20221122: Previously, with safe_z_home, it was possible that the z_hop after the g28 homing would go in the negative z direction. Now, a z_hop is performed after g28 only if it results in a positive hop, mirroring the behavior of the z_hop that occurs before the g28 homing.

20220616: It was previously possible to flash an rp2040 in bootloader mode by running make flash FLASH_DEVICE=first. The equivalent command is now make flash FLASH_DEVICE=2e8a:0003.

20220612: The rp2040 micro-controller now has a workaround for the "rp2040-e5" USB errata. This should make initial USB connections more reliable. However, it may result in a change in behavior for the gpio15 pin. It is unlikely the gpio15 behavior change will be noticeable.

20220407: The temperature_fan pid_integral_max config option has been removed (it was deprecated on 20210612).

20220407: The default color order for pca9632 LEDs is now "RGBW". Add an explicit color_order: RBGW setting to the pca9632 config section to obtain the previous behavior.

20220330: The format of the printer.neopixel.color_data status information for neopixel and dotstar modules has changed. The information is now stored as a list of color lists (instead of a list of dictionaries). See the status reference for details.

20220307: M73 will no longer set print progress to 0 if P is missing.

20220304: There is no longer a default for the extruder parameter of extruder_stepper config sections. If desired, specify extruder: extruder explicitly to associate the stepper motor with the "extruder" motion queue at startup.

20220210: The SYNC_STEPPER_TO_EXTRUDER command is deprecated; the SET_EXTRUDER_STEP_DISTANCE command is deprecated; the extruder shared_heater config option is deprecated. These features will be removed in the near future. Replace SET_EXTRUDER_STEP_DISTANCE with SET_EXTRUDER_ROTATION_DISTANCE. Replace SYNC_STEPPER_TO_EXTRUDER with SYNC_EXTRUDER_MOTION. Replace extruder config sections using shared_heater with extruder_stepper config sections and update any activation macros to use SYNC_EXTRUDER_MOTION.

20220116: The tmc2130, tmc2208, tmc2209, and tmc2660 run_current calculation code has changed. For some run_current settings the drivers may now be configured differently. This new configuration should be more accurate, but it may invalidate previous tmc driver tuning.

20211230: Scripts to tune input shaper (scripts/ and scripts/ were migrated to use Python3 by default. As a result, users must install Python3 versions of certain packages (e.g. sudo apt install python3-numpy python3-matplotlib) to continue using these scripts. For more details, refer to Software installation. Alternatively, users can temporarily force the execution of these scripts under Python 2 by explicitly calling Python2 interpretor in the console: python2 ~/klipper/scripts/ ...

20211110: The "NTC 100K beta 3950" temperature sensor is deprecated. This sensor will be removed in the near future. Most users will find the "Generic 3950" temperature sensor more accurate. To continue to use the older (typically less accurate) definition, define a custom thermistor with temperature1: 25, resistance1: 100000, and beta: 3950.

20211104: The "step pulse duration" option in "make menuconfig" has been removed. The default step duration for TMC drivers configured in UART or SPI mode is now 100ns. A new step_pulse_duration setting in the stepper config section should be set for all steppers that need a custom pulse duration.

20211102: Several deprecated features have been removed. The stepper step_distance option has been removed (deprecated on 20201222). The rpi_temperature sensor alias has been removed (deprecated on 20210219). The mcu pin_map option has been removed (deprecated on 20210325). The gcode_macro default_parameter_<name> and macro access to command parameters other than via the params pseudo-variable has been removed (deprecated on 20210503). The heater pid_integral_max option has been removed (deprecated on 20210612).

20210929: Klipper v0.10.0 released.

20210903: The default smooth_time for heaters has changed to 1 second (from 2 seconds). For most printers this will result in more stable temperature control.

20210830: The default adxl345 name is now "adxl345". The default CHIP parameter for the ACCELEROMETER_MEASURE and ACCELEROMETER_QUERY is now also "adxl345".

20210830: The adxl345 ACCELEROMETER_MEASURE command no longer supports a RATE parameter. To alter the query rate, update the printer.cfg file and issue a RESTART command.

20210821: Several config settings in printer.configfile.settings will now be reported as lists instead of raw strings. If the actual raw string is desired, use printer.configfile.config instead.

20210819: In some cases, a G28 homing move may end in a position that is nominally outside the valid movement range. In rare situations this may result in confusing "Move out of range" errors after homing. If this occurs, change your start scripts to move the toolhead to a valid position immediately after homing.

20210814: The analog only pseudo-pins on the atmega168 and atmega328 have been renamed from PE0/PE1 to PE2/PE3.

20210720: A controller_fan section now monitors all stepper motors by default (not just the kinematic stepper motors). If the previous behavior is desired, see the stepper config option in the config reference.

20210703: A samd_sercom config section must now specify the sercom bus it is configuring via the sercom option.

20210612: The pid_integral_max config option in heater and temperature_fan sections is deprecated. The option will be removed in the near future.

20210503: The gcode_macro default_parameter_<name> config option is deprecated. Use the params pseudo-variable to access macro parameters. Other methods for accessing macro parameters will be removed in the near future. Most users can replace a default_parameter_NAME: VALUE config option with a line like the following in the start of the macro: {% set NAME = params.NAME|default(VALUE)|float %}. See the Command Templates document for examples.

20210430: The SET_VELOCITY_LIMIT (and M204) command may now set a velocity, acceleration, and square_corner_velocity larger than the specified values in the config file.

20210325: Support for the pin_map config option is deprecated. Use the sample-aliases.cfg file to translate to the actual micro-controller pin names. The pin_map config option will be removed in the near future.

20210313: Klipper's support for micro-controllers that communicate with CAN bus has changed. If using CAN bus then all micro-controllers must be reflashed and the Klipper configuration must be updated.

20210310: The TMC2660 default for driver_SFILT has been changed from 1 to 0.

20210227: TMC stepper motor drivers in UART or SPI mode are now queried once per second whenever they are enabled - if the driver can not be contacted or if the driver reports an error, then Klipper will transition to a shutdown state.

20210219: The rpi_temperature module has been renamed to temperature_host. Replace any occurrences of sensor_type: rpi_temperature with sensor_type: temperature_host. The path to the temperature file may be specified in the sensor_path config variable. The rpi_temperature name is deprecated and will be removed in the near future.

20210201: The TEST_RESONANCES command will now disable input shaping if it was previously enabled (and re-enable it after the test). In order to override this behavior and keep the input shaping enabled, one can pass an additional parameter INPUT_SHAPING=1 to the command.

20210201: The ACCELEROMETER_MEASURE command will now append the name of the accelerometer chip to the output file name if the chip was given a name in the corresponding adxl345 section of the printer.cfg.

20201222: The step_distance setting in the stepper config sections is deprecated. It is advised to update the config to use the rotation_distance setting. Support for step_distance will be removed in the near future.

20201218: The endstop_phase setting in the endstop_phase module has been replaced with trigger_phase. If using the endstop phases module then it will be necessary to convert to rotation_distance and recalibrate any endstop phases by running the ENDSTOP_PHASE_CALIBRATE command.

20201218: Rotary delta and polar printers must now specify a gear_ratio for their rotary steppers, and they may no longer specify a step_distance parameter. See the config reference for the format of the new gear_ratio paramter.

20201213: It is not valid to specify a Z "position_endstop" when using "probe:z_virtual_endstop". An error will now be raised if a Z "position_endstop" is specified with "probe:z_virtual_endstop". Remove the Z "position_endstop" definition to fix the error.

20201120: The [board_pins] config section now specifies the mcu name in an explicit mcu: parameter. If using board_pins for a secondary mcu, then the config must be updated to specify that name. See the config reference for further details.

20201112: The time reported by print_stats.print_duration has changed. The duration prior to the first detected extrusion is now excluded.

20201029: The neopixel color_order_GRB config option has been removed. If necessary, update the config to set the new color_order option to RGB, GRB, RGBW, or GRBW.

20201029: The serial option in the mcu config section no longer defaults to /dev/ttyS0. In the rare situation where /dev/ttyS0 is the desired serial port, it must be specified explicitly.

20201020: Klipper v0.9.0 released.

20200902: The RTD resistance-to-temperature calculation for MAX31865 converters has been corrected to not read low. If you are using such a device, you should recalibrate your print temperature and PID settings.

20200816: The gcode macro printer.gcode object has been renamed to printer.gcode_move. Several undocumented variables in printer.toolhead and printer.gcode have been removed. See docs/ for a list of available template variables.

20200816: The gcode macro "action_" system has changed. Replace any calls to printer.gcode.action_emergency_stop() with action_emergency_stop(), printer.gcode.action_respond_info() with action_respond_info(), and printer.gcode.action_respond_error() with action_raise_error().

20200809: The menu system has been rewritten. If the menu has been customized then it will be necessary to update to the new configuration. See config/example-menu.cfg for configuration details and see klippy/extras/display/menu.cfg for examples.

20200731: The behavior of the progress attribute reported by the virtual_sdcard printer object has changed. Progress is no longer reset to 0 when a print is paused. It will now always report progress based on the internal file position, or 0 if no file is currently loaded.

20200725: The servo enable config parameter and the SET_SERVO ENABLE parameter have been removed. Update any macros to use SET_SERVO SERVO=my_servo WIDTH=0 to disable a servo.

20200608: The LCD display support has changed the name of some internal "glyphs". If a custom display layout was implemented it may be necessary to update to the latest glyph names (see klippy/extras/display/display.cfg for a list of available glyphs).

20200606: The pin names on linux mcu have changed. Pins now have names of the form gpiochip<chipid>/gpio<gpio>. For gpiochip0 you can also use a short gpio<gpio>. For example, what was previously referred to as P20 now becomes gpio20 or gpiochip0/gpio20.

20200603: The default 16x4 LCD layout will no longer show the estimated time remaining in a print. (Only the elapsed time will be shown.) If the old behavior is desired one can customize the menu display with that information (see the description of display_data in config/example-extras.cfg for details).

20200531: The default USB vendor/product id is now 0x1d50/0x614e. These new ids are reserved for Klipper (thanks to the openmoko project). This change should not require any config changes, but the new ids may appear in system logs.

20200524: The default value for the tmc5160 pwm_freq field is now zero (instead of one).

20200425: The gcode_macro command template variable printer.heater was renamed to printer.heaters.

20200313: The default lcd layout for multi-extruder printers with a 16x4 screen has changed. The single extruder screen layout is now the default and it will show the currently active extruder. To use the previous display layout set "display_group: _multiextruder_16x4" in the [display] section of the printer.cfg file.

20200308: The default __test menu item was removed. If the config file has a custom menu then be sure to remove all references to this __test menu item.

20200308: The menu "deck" and "card" options were removed. To customize the layout of an lcd screen use the new display_data config sections (see config/example-extras.cfg for the details).

20200109: The bed_mesh module now references the probe's location in for the mesh configuration. As such, some configuration options have been renamed to more accurately reflect their intended functionality. For rectangular beds, min_point and max_point have been renamed to mesh_min and mesh_max respectively. For round beds, bed_radius has been renamed to mesh_radius. A new mesh_origin option has also been added for round beds. Note that these changes are also incompatible with previously saved mesh profiles. If an incompatible profile is detected it will be ignored and scheduled for removal. The removal process can be completed by issuing the SAVE_CONFIG command. The user will need to re-calibrate each profile.

20191218: The display config section no longer supports "lcd_type: st7567". Use the "uc1701" display type instead - set "lcd_type: uc1701" and change the "rs_pin: some_pin" to "rst_pin: some_pin". It may also be necessary to add a "contrast: 60" config setting.

20191210: The builtin T0, T1, T2, ... commands have been removed. The extruder activate_gcode and deactivate_gcode config options have been removed. If these commands (and scripts) are needed then define individual [gcode_macro T0] style macros that call the ACTIVATE_EXTRUDER command. See the config/sample-idex.cfg and sample-multi-extruder.cfg files for examples.

20191210: Support for the M206 command has been removed. Replace with calls to SET_GCODE_OFFSET. If support for M206 is needed, add a [gcode_macro M206] config section that calls SET_GCODE_OFFSET. (For example "SET_GCODE_OFFSET Z=-{params.Z}".)

20191202: Support for the undocumented "S" parameter of the "G4" command has been removed. Replace any occurrences of S with the standard "P" parameter (the delay specified in milliseconds).

20191126: The USB names have changed on micro-controllers with native USB support. They now use a unique chip id by default (where available). If an "mcu" config section uses a "serial" setting that starts with "/dev/serial/by-id/" then it may be necessary to update the config. Run "ls /dev/serial/by-id/*" in an ssh terminal to determine the new id.

20191121: The pressure_advance_lookahead_time parameter has been removed. See example.cfg for alternate configuration settings.

20191112: The tmc stepper driver virtual enable capability is now automatically enabled if the stepper does not have a dedicated stepper enable pin. Remove references to tmcXXXX:virtual_enable from the config. The ability to control multiple pins in the stepper enable_pin config has been removed. If multiple pins are needed then use a multi_pin config section.

20191107: The primary extruder config section must be specified as "extruder" and may no longer be specified as "extruder0". Gcode command templates that query the extruder status are now accessed via "{printer.extruder}".

20191021: Klipper v0.8.0 released

20191003: The move_to_previous option in [safe_z_homing] now defaults to False. (It was effectively False prior to 20190918.)

20190918: The zhop option in [safe_z_homing] is always re-applied after Z axis homing completed. This might need users to update custom scripts based on this module.

20190806: The SET_NEOPIXEL command has been renamed to SET_LED.

20190726: The mcp4728 digital-to-analog code has changed. The default i2c_address is now 0x60 and the voltage reference is now relative to the mcp4728's internal 2.048 volt reference.

20190710: The z_hop option was removed from the [firmware_retract] config section. The z_hop support was incomplete and could cause incorrect behavior with several common slicers.

20190710: The optional parameters of the PROBE_ACCURACY command have changed. It may be necessary to update any macros or scripts that use that command.

20190628: All configuration options have been removed from the [skew_correction] section. Configuration for skew_correction is now done via the SET_SKEW gcode. See Skew Correction for recommended usage.

20190607: The "variable_X" parameters of gcode_macro (along with the VALUE parameter of SET_GCODE_VARIABLE) are now parsed as Python literals. If a value needs to be assigned a string then wrap the value in quotes so that it is evaluated as a string.

20190606: The "samples", "samples_result", and "sample_retract_dist" config options have been moved to the "probe" config section. These options are no longer supported in the "delta_calibrate", "bed_tilt", "bed_mesh", "screws_tilt_adjust", "z_tilt", or "quad_gantry_level" config sections.

20190528: The magic "status" variable in gcode_macro template evaluation has been renamed to "printer".

20190520: The SET_GCODE_OFFSET command has changed; update any g-code macros accordingly. The command will no longer apply the requested offset to the next G1 command. The old behavior may be approximated by using the new "MOVE=1" parameter.

20190404: The Python host software packages were updated. Users will need to rerun the ~/klipper/scripts/ script (or otherwise upgrade the python dependencies if not using a standard OctoPi installation).

20190404: The i2c_bus and spi_bus parameters (in various config sections) now take a bus name instead of a number.

20190404: The sx1509 config parameters have changed. The 'address' parameter is now 'i2c_address' and it must be specified as a decimal number. Where 0x3E was previously used, specify 62.

20190328: The min_speed value in [temperature_fan] config will now be respected and the fan will always run at this speed or higher in PID mode.

20190322: The default value for "driver_HEND" in [tmc2660] config sections was changed from 6 to 3. The "driver_VSENSE" field was removed (it is now automatically calculated from run_current).

20190310: The [controller_fan] config section now always takes a name (such as [controller_fan my_controller_fan]).

20190308: The "driver_BLANK_TIME_SELECT" field in [tmc2130] and [tmc2208] config sections has been renamed to "driver_TBL".

20190308: The [tmc2660] config section has changed. A new sense_resistor config parameter must now be provided. The meaning of several of the driver_XXX parameters has changed.

20190228: Users of SPI or I2C on SAMD21 boards must now specify the bus pins via a [samd_sercom] config section.

20190224: The bed_shape option has been removed from bed_mesh. The radius option has been renamed to bed_radius. Users with round beds should supply the bed_radius and round_probe_count options.

20190107: The i2c_address parameter in the mcp4451 config section changed. This is a common setting on Smoothieboards. The new value is half the old value (88 should be changed to 44, and 90 should be changed to 45).

20181220: Klipper v0.7.0 released

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