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Compensazione torsione assi

Questo documento descrive il modulo [axis_twist_compensation].

Some printers may have a small twist in their X rail which can skew the results of a probe attached to the X carriage. This is common in printers with designs like the Prusa MK3, Sovol SV06 etc and is further described under probe location bias. It may result in probe operations such as Bed Mesh, Screws Tilt Adjust, Z Tilt Adjust etc returning inaccurate representations of the bed.

Questo modulo utilizza misurazioni manuali da parte dell'utente per correggere i risultati della sonda. Tieni presente che se l'asse è notevolmente distorto, ti consigliamo vivamente di utilizzare mezzi meccanici per ripararlo prima di applicare le correzioni del software.

Warning: This module is not compatible with dockable probes yet and will try to probe the bed without attaching the probe if you use it.

Overview of compensation usage

Tip: Make sure the probe X and Y offsets are correctly set as they greatly influence calibration.

  1. After setting up the [axis_twist_compensation] module, perform AXIS_TWIST_COMPENSATION_CALIBRATE
  • The calibration wizard will prompt you to measure the probe Z offset at a few points along the bed
  • The calibration defaults to 3 points but you can use the option SAMPLE_COUNT= to use a different number.
  1. Adjust your Z offset
  2. Perform automatic/probe-based bed tramming operations, such as Screws Tilt Adjust, Z Tilt Adjust etc
  3. Home all axis, then perform a Bed Mesh if required
  4. Perform a test print, followed by any fine-tuning as desired

Tip: Bed temperature and nozzle temperature and size do not seem to have an influence to the calibration process.

[axis_twist_compensation] setup and commands

Configuration options for [axis_twist_compensation] can be found in the Configuration Reference.

Commands for [axis_twist_compensation] can be found in the G-Codes Reference

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